Photo Content

IG - Twitter

-1 Static Photo Post to all LexScope Feeds

-1 Swipe up in IG story

-3 Hi-res photos emailed to you



Photo + Vid

IG - Twitter - FB - Linkedin

-1 Static Photo Post (set of photos) to all LexScope Feeds

-1 Short Form Video Post (click for example)

-3 IG Story Slides W/ Swipe Up

-5 Hi-Res Photos Emailed To You



Video Content

IG - Youtube - Twitter - FB

-1 Static IG post (photo set) to all LexScope Feeds

-3 IG Story Slides w/ Swipe Up

-Vlog Style Video (click for example)

OR commercial (click for example)

-1 Blog Post

-5 Hi-res photos emailed to you