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A + E Wedding Video

This was the first (and maybe the last) wedding I'll ever shoot....

Not really. But it was 300% different than the typical music video, or internet commercial, or 'event recap videos' which at this point I'm pretty accustom to.

This project instantly took x10 more attention to detail, the stakes were higher and in my brain theres absolutely no room for error. I mean in a music video or a short I have as many takes as I want... With this joint, its one and done. You miss that special moment theres not about to be a "yo can u run that back one more time I wasn't in focus" or somethin' equally random...

Luckily I came prepared with a 3 camera set up around the perimeter of the venue (Canon T3i, Canon 7d Mark II, & the Gopro Hero 5 Black).

I also happen to have the DJI Mavic & DJI OSMO (power couple) for some beautiful aerial shots and those perfectly stabilized gimbal shots without the bulk and noticeability of a ronin.

+Don't get me wrong ronins are usually pretty essential but whenever and i mean WHENEVER I don't absolutely have to use a ronin I won't.

So with the combination of those cameras, two tripods, some of my skills, and a very very sunny day (very important part of the equation) I was able to pull of my first wedding video. Check It out below:

A + E Wedding Recap Video

+Also as stressful as it was I WOULD do it again in a fucking heartbeat. Capturing such a beautiful intimate moment hit me right in the heart and gives me hope... However next time I'll bring along a second shooter. Also s/o B wouldn't have had this opportunity without ya.

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