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How To Roll A Joint W/ LexScope

Want to learn how to roll a joint? Get over here *Scorpion Voice.

As of lately we have been brainstorming different ways to shed positive lights on the cannabis industry as well as normalize the use of what is now a legal substance in a bunch of different states (photos of me smoking don't count) and I'm stoked to show y'all what we came up with!

Recently we were invited to the Wikileaf office in Seattle, WA and got the opportunity to sit down with one of our favorite photographers Pluroco and make this educational "How To Roll A Joint" video for y'all.

I know what you're thinking "what the heck qualifies this guy to teach me how to roll a joint???"

Okay so some background, I've been an avid joint enthusiast since 2010, and I could easily give you a plethora of reasons why you should smoke joints instead of blunts (I'll save that post for another day) but thats not what we are here for.

I've twisted up cross joints (see pic below), tiny joints, big joints, cones, see through papers, 24k gold papers, receipts, bible pages, dollar bills maaaaan you name it I've rolled it or probably thought about rolling it.

lol don't get me wrong I've rolled my fair share of blunts and I still even to this day hit any blunt in our rotation but as far as personal use it's papers for me and not just because zigzag sponsors us. ;-)

Hopefully this teaches you something or at the very least lifts your spirits a little bit! More cannabis content otw thanks for stopping by.

Anyway, without further adieu...


Fun Fact: They don't call me "Jays for Days" For Nothin'

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