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Kay Miyagi - Drowned (Official Music Video)

"If love is so simple, then why does it feel this way"... -Kay Miyagi

At the end of 2018 Kay Miyagi dropped his latest album "rain4Soda" and we're proud to present the visual for one of our favorite singles off the project "Drowned"!

At the time of us shooting this video it was one of the most unique videos I'd ever directed, due to the fact that I'd never worked with a live animal on set for more than 30 min - 1 hour prior and it was the first time I'd ever been on a beach in WA at sunrise for a hiphop music video (and his dog low-key looks like that dog from Friday After Next also... probably why Kay named him Chico now that I think about it 🤔):

Luckily Chico was hella nice and well trained and I can 10000% tell he's Kay's dog they pretty much have the same charged up go go go lets get it energy. I enjoyed this project and Kay can actually rap, if you know me I'm all about lyrics and melodies. Every single track on his album has a specific message the message for this song is:

"explaining the struggle between reality and artificial fulfillment....."

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I appreciate that about him and I think hip hop in general locally and globally is missing that real lyrical sh** unless its from one of the bigger already established greats (or someone in their camp). It was a pleasure working with him on this project. 

Check out the official video for "Drowned" from WorldE artist Kay Miyagi's debut album "rain 4 Soda" Below!



After the shoot BTS photos: I've known Kay for a fat minute, its cool to see how far he has came and I'm very interested to see how he'll maneuver musically now that he moved over seas... and y'all already know I'm always itching to use my passport!!✈️😏

(Photos by Jessica Crask)


++Fun Fact: 

I shot Kay's first music video 5 years ago. For real, you can check the dates I dropped the links to the video below. He was one of the first artists to give me a chance to bring his vision to life back when I had no clue what I was doing. Actually we use to add in behind the scenes trailers for every shoot (something we're thinking about bringing back in the spring of 2019) and I'd say this trailer could arguably be one of the sparks that created what "Scope Life" is today. Crazy how things come full circle some times.


Wants & Needs (trailer)

I do appreciate the fact that I can look at the video we shot 5 years ago and put it beside the video we produced last year and see instant growth/progression. We have learned a lot since then and not just us Kay as well I can tell in how he caries himself and had specific visual elements he wanted and didn't want in the project.

Check out our first collaboration below!

Wants & Needs Official Music Video

& if some how you actually read all this, thank you I really fck with you.

All of the links to follow Kay & I are below if you're interested in keeping up with us on all the social medias. 

Artist: Kay Miyagi Produced By: Mike Myth Song: Drowned Location: Seattle, WA

Shot / Edited / Directed by Kay Miyagi & Alex Alexander Production Company: LexScope Productions

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