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LexScope x Reebok | #SplitFrom Campaign

Defying convention is the story of our lives.

We recently partnered with Reebok & Champs Sports which allowed us the opportunity to be apart of their #SplitFrom campaign for the new Sole Fury sneaker they released on Nov 8 2018.


-These cozy gems are actually a modern re-up of Reebok's Split Cushioning proposition.

-The Split Cushioning System was first introduced in the early 90's as an innovative way to remove weight & add flexibility

-The #SplitFrom campaign celebrates those who "split from" the pack by defying convention - AKA what are you doing thats different from the norm? How are you standing out from the pack? How are you defying convention? Is it your style? Your lifestyle? Your mentality??

Photos By Pluroco aka P

We #SplitFrom every day. We don't work conventional jobs. We don't have conventional schedules. We don't have conventional lives. We deviate from the pack at every turn not because we're rebels but because we see the bigger picture.

Check out our commercial below & let us know how you defy convention!!

#SplitFrom the Pack With LexScope | Sole Fury | Reebok

Director: LexScope Cinematography: Ripper Vision Photography: Pluroco Editor: LexScope Styling/Makeup: SinsByKen Music: MikeMyth253

Produced By LexScope

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