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LexScope x IllMind

Crazy how "being on my phone all the time" gets us some of the best jobs we've ever had.

Recently we got the opportunity to collaborate with world renowned hip hop producer and educator ILLminind (!llmind) when he stopped in Seattle for his "Pass The Aux" tour which pretty much meant Illmind pulls up to a secret studio location in your city and literally allows the entire room (everyone that paid and registered - $250-$500) to play 1-2 tracks of their choice in a round robin fashion and he gave genuine feedback/criticism with the whole room in front of the whole room. Kinda intimidating but if your shit slap or even if you think your shit slap thats the place you'd wanna be.

It wasn't just limited to producers either, there were singers, songwriters, rappers, managers, pretty much anyone (including myself) was able to really pick up some industry knowledge from Illmind.

I mean he's worked with J.cole, Drake, The Carters (Jay-Z & Beyonce), Kendrick, Travis Scott, Nas, Denzel Curry, Pusha T !! Fuck man i'll stop there the list pretty much goes on forever.


In this episode of the Blapcam Illmind touched on what is an "A&R", finding new people to work with, how to send your music/beats to industry professionals, and how he feels putting tags on your beats is pointless!!!

Filmed By LexScope.

Location: Avast Studios

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