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Zaire - The Vision (Official Music Video)

"Now Ask Yourself... Are You Really Ready To See That Vision"

Tacoma has a vast untapped sea of talent, we all know this to be fact by now and if you don't you'll understand soon enough. Zaire just dropped his first project "The Dreaded Huey" which is now streaming on all DSP's. We had the pleasure of working with him on releasing the first video to accompany the project "The Vision".

Young Zaire laces the beat with his boom bap style of rap and holds nothing back on how he feels about his life at this point in time, his past with family/friends, as well as his constant struggle with trying to get people to understand his vision.

+I'm a fan of rappers than can actually rap. Zaire doesn't hide behind autotune, he doesn't appear to be pretending to be something he's not, as far as I'm concerned his music is a good example of Rhythm & Poetry aka REAL RAP (or at least my favorite style).

The film starts with Zaire waking up an starting his day on some classic rap shit, and midway through his studio session he gets a call from fellow MC Gavin Santi and the vibes only elevate from there. Making a note that I really enjoy the energy that flows between these two (pause). It feels like they're actually friends, and it shows. Keep it up gentleman, can't wait to see where y'all go.

Check out the official video for "The Vision" by Zaire Ft. Gavin Santi Below:

+Fun Fact: This isn't our first time running into Zaire on camera, check out his debut show in Seattle we were able to film back in May:

Artist: Zaire Song: The Vision Location: Tacoma, WA PA: SinsByKen Secondary Photography: Ripper Vision

'The Dreaded Huey' on all platforms:

Shot / Edited / Directed by Alex Alexander Production Company: LexScope Productions

Follow Zaire: ​Instagram: @thedreadedhuey Twitter: @TheDreadedHuey Soundcloud: Zaire Music

LexScope Socials:

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