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LexScope x Will Jordan

Man... If you missed out on Will Jordan’s latest performance, you really missed out. Lucky for you we had the pleasure of being in the building to secure the recap vid. *arm muscle flexing emjoi* 

 Photos By: Ripper Vision x Retouched By LexScope

Not only the experience of being at the dopest new venue in Tacoma (Alma Mater), but this was my personal favorite Will Jordan performance that I’ve ever seen. And not just because I got to be on stage / backstage / apart of the “dream team”. Lol 🙂

Ok so the lights/atmosphere alone in Alma are enough to really stimulate your senses, mix that with some reasonably priced drinks, a community of people committed to the arts (and having a good time), and the melodic sounds of Will Jordan... & Oh yeah, you finna have a great night. Thank you all for giving us the oppurtunity!! Stoked to keep being able to be apart of dope projects & thank y’all for continuing to read and support *big ass smiley face emoji*

Big shout to Platnium Reign & Alma Mater.





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