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Jeff Patron - Everything Green (Official Music Video)

Patron and I known each other for a while, I mean he's a frequent Scope collaborator at this point, so when he reached out to me talking about shooting in a grow house I was honored that he knew I'd be extra down to bring his vision to life.

MXLLS​​The vibe of the song fit the summer time so much I couldn't help but imagine i was on the beach with a glass of Jamey & a J... I love shooting videos for songs I genuinely like (which 90% of the videos I shoot are for songs I actually do like) and I've told him this 1,000 times "yo this shit is groovy". Check out the vid below! Let us know what you think & don't forget to Like/Comment/Share

Originally I reached out to Patron due to the fact that I knew he was real big in the battle rap scene, I had never shot an actual battle so I was really determined to do it. Then somehow we ended up shooting a music video instead... lol? cc: "GET HOME SAFE"

+Fun Fact: this is the 3 project we've worked on with patron. AND he and I were apart of the same label at one point in time. S/O BME.

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