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Wax The Producer - Flavor (Official Music Video)

This video was the one of the most fun shoots I've had all year!! Not only was Wax hella professional his camp / MGMT was responsive and pretty straight forward - not what you'd typically expect in this business (thank yall for being normal human beings).

The song itself is great and the fact that Wax not only sings, writes songs, he also created the beat as well hence the name "Wax The Producer".

+Fun Fact: This was technically The Scope's first official music video release that wasn't hip hop / rap or a band.

The first scene we shot in Welkem Studios (one time for Avi) I love this spot for a couple different reasons but overall it was the interaction between the actors that really made me more interested in the project itself. Even the second scene we shot in the tunnel was effortless, really made "work" fun that day lol.

Everything from set design to storyboard and location scouting he was involved in every step of the process, which makes sense idk why any artist wouldn't want to be. Anyway, check out the video below, let us know what you think?

Wax The Producer - Flavor (Official Music Video)

This single is also off Wax's upcoming project 4Play-List Vol 1

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@Waxtheproducer (Instagram/Twitter/FB)

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