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G-Jon Live @ The Blind Tiger

Last week I took quick trip to North Carolina as I always do at the beginning of every year but this time it was for more than just seeing my mom &

devouring copious amounts of cookout... This time it was all about young G-Jon. Recording artist, entertainer, song writer, and the only artist "managed" by The Scope at this time.

This was Jon's first show of the year, following the quick pop up show two months ago at Culture Fest Vol 2 in Seattle, WA. A great start to the year plus Jon chimes in "The Blind Tiger is a dope venue, I've wanted to perform there since I was in High School... Even the name cool."

"Underground Invasion" Hosted by Ed E Ruger & IC Shows & Crank It Loud is basically a showcase of talented "underground" artists from the local area.

Jon did a colorfully explosive set of about 4 songs and an impromptu a cappella verse (that I'm pretty sure was an unreleased record). The energy the crowd put out was absolutely fantastic "dude its the first time there was a fucking mosh pit at one of my shows"..

Thank you to everyone that showed up and supported The Scope, it felt great to get so much love from the hometown. As someone who technically "left home" to try and chase a dream it means a lot that you guys pulled up and kicked it with us!!! Recap Video below, let us know what you think!!! (comment, share, like, subscribe!)

G-Jon Blind Tiger Recap Video

Check out Jon's Latest Project XANDER (click the photo)

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