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Perry Paints x Beast Mode Seattle

Last Thursday Feb 1st (the start to the LexScope new year) I had the pleasure of being in the building for the big homie Perry’s album release party at the Beast Mode Store in Seattle (yup, Marshawn Lynch’s apparel store) and it was pretty much a lit ass art show - family reunion with live performances from some Perry's favorite rappers.

+ oh & also a lounge for casually sipping wine and networking with a few power players in the underground music scene right now.

Click Photo For Recap Video!!

Perry some how had the show set up where he'd perform a banger off "Channel Surfing" and inbetween those songs the crowd was blessed by explosive performances by L.E.X. , Seaan Brooks, Badyoshi, Wanderers, Crow & Gifted Gab. The room was turnt when it was suppose to be turnt, it got real when shit was suppose to be real and from a personal stand point it was a beautiful mesh of Tacoma in Seattle.


There was this magical moment in the show where Gab was doing an a cappella for the crowd & I happen to be around to capture the moment. Yo theres parts of this clip where she's spitting directly into the camera like she was talking to me lol. Never got the chance to see her perform until that night, definitely gained a new fan!

Gifted Gab Live A Cappella (Perry Paints x Beastmode Channel Surfing Release Party)

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