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LexScope x Street Meet

So once a month theres this thing called "Street Meet".

I cant speak for any other street meets or "internet meet-ups" in general (cause they're always almost weird or sketchy) but this one right here was FAF (Fun As Fuck).

Aside from being held at a different location every month, there was a plethora of photographers/models ranging from super dope professional shooters to GWC's trying to get their portfolios poppin. I’m all about it, I love seeing creatives actually getting out into the real world. Plus its interesting to see who is and aint who they say they are online *wink emoji.

Photo set above: BEN WEHRMAN x LEXSCOPE

Normally I'm behind the camera (which is still my preference) but at Street Meet I got to try out modeling which pretty much consisted of me standing around doing stuff. The coolest part to me was experiencing what its like to be on the other side of the camera with hella people around looking at you expecting you to do something (lol) and how to get over that initial weird awkward feeling.

Photoset Above: JUJU x LexScope

The energy there is so positive you won't ever want to leave (unless you're like me and you don't fuck with being cold for too long). Shout out all the interesting people I get the pleasure of linking up with out there.


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