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LexScope x Social Thinking Podcast

Had the pleasure of being a guest on the Social Thinking Podcast recently. First off, I was impressed by the amount of research Matt and Andrew did on not just me but the LexScope brand overall. They read the interviews, watched hella videos and even dug into the old LexScope Music archives!! Analytics are cool but hearing a first hand experience on how a real life human got immersed into the Scope is always going to be my preference.

It was a real good time choppin it up with these guys, we touched on everything from my government name, going back to my hometown in NC as "LexScope" and not just alex, Static Shock and a hour of other cool shit and funny stories. If you're in the whip or working out or just sitting around aimlessly scrolling the internet, give the episode a listen I guarantee you'll laugh at least once.

++ They made these dope ass flyers and really made me feel welcome on the show, thanks again for having me fellas. 

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