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Prince Goz - MJP (Official Music Video)

We linked up with Prince Goz to deliver “The perfect mix of marijuana & anime”!!. 

 (Video below) 

Prince Goz - Mary Jane Poppins (Official Music Video)

I love artists that come to me with a very specific idea of what they want!! For real it really makes a huge difference.  

It turns the project into a true collaboration versus just me sculpting an artists vision from my mind — which don’t get me wrong is still dope (lol, if you get it then you get it).

Anyway, I researched the various anime clips Goz requested and my inner nerd just couldn't stay contained.  

From the nostalgia of DBZ & Yu Yu Hakusho to the newer more obscure programs that I’ve never even heard of aka Food Wars & Hunter v Hunter (lol). 

++ (fun fact) “Michiko and Hatchin” is definitely one my new favorite animes, crazy how you stumble upon some of your favorite things on accident. 

Don’t forget to like / share / comment!! What do you think of Goz’s new visuals !?  

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