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LexScope, Why Do You Smoke So Much Weed? (4/20 Story)

The new LexScope Tee is a 420 exclusive!

We haven't released any Scope Gear in almost 2 years in order to focus on other avenues of The Scope, however our recent connections have enabled us to release a limited line of lavender, or "Purp" Tees as we like to call them to you all just in time for spring!

Photos by: Pluroco

(ok now for the real reason you came here....)

LexScope, Why Do You Smoke So Much WEED???


Back in the day I was a pretty uptight, hotheaded kid. Lol. Sounds wild, but for real I was just mad all the time for what seemed like no apparent reason. Nowadays it takes a lot to get a rise out of me (for the most part) and I can say cannabis is 80% of how I keep my cool even in the most stressful situations.

Not only that but I'm always moving, like physically and mentally. Anyone that follows me on the gram (@lexscope) knows that I move 1000 mph and usually don't stop until I crash, my mind works the same way at times and cannabis is a great tool that helps me stay focused. Most people claim cannabis makes them lethargic and apathetic... but I'm literally a productive stoner.


Yeah, for real it calms me the fuck down and actually makes it possible for me to sit still for 2-3 hours at a time which is absolutely necessary if you want to professionally edit videos, photos, write articles, basically everything I do hahaha.... Don't get me wrong I have my slumped-out-stuck-in-the-couch-watching-netflix moments but to me its a mental thing.

It helps to increase appetite, aids in regulating sleep patterns, boosts creative functionality, relaxes and soothes aching muscles and even reduces anxiety (careful this is tricky though because certain strains cause paranoia which leads to anxiety *facepalm)... and don't even get me started on all the money/jobs being created in the cannabis industry alone - seriously the cannabis industry alone made over a billion last year.

Of course to each their own but its 2018 if you still are wrapped up in the reefer madness mentality of the early early early early 90s... it might be time to ask yourself, why don't I smoke weed more often? (unless of course your job or some other important life shit doesn't allow you to... be smart, aka smoke responsibly lol)

++ Fun Fact: I didn't start casually experimenting with cannabis until I was like 16... which in stoner time is a late bloomer (s/o Katelyn & all the asian homies in Adams Farm). But it did really influence my life in positive and negative ways.

We chose lavender not just because its a beautiful color, but because it represents an overall state of being calm. It has a certain relaxed elegance to it & as one of the most laid back people I know I'd like to think it suits our overall vibe. Of course on another spectrum it also represents beauty & femininity -- which I can't personally say I'm a model for but s/o the ladies.

Photos By: Ripper Vision

You can order a LexScope Purp Tee by clicking any photo in the article or follow the link below:

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