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TA7J - Smokin On This (Music Video)

**Warning: Copious amounts of blunts were sparked for the creation of this film.

The video features TA7J cruising around the T on her signature bike, an organic vibe of her posted up with the homies at Wright park after securing the backys, displaying some immaculate dance moves at one of my favorite skate spots and of course..... smoking blunts :-)

We are blessed with the opportunity to be able to shoot music videos on a regular basis, but some how we haven't shot any videos for any songs like this. As the self proclaimed chameleon director I was stoked for it.

I mean once you hear the vibe of the song (as well as the content) you'll instantly be able to tell why I was feelin it. TA7J & her camp really sparked up at least +10 backwoods and those were just the on screen smokes lol I have no idea how she was dancing around and flawlessly performing this song hellllla times. Salute.

Check out the video below, let us know what ya think?

TA7J - Smokin On This (Official Music Video)

++ Fun Fact: This isn't our first collaboration with TA7J. We had the pleasure of linkin with her at one of the notorious Culture Fests (link to that post/vid here: )

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