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LexScope x Hall Of Fame Vintage & Music

Hall of Fame Vintage & Music hosted an event in the underground of Tacoma that by default will be the most "based" thing I've ever experienced up close. "Based" like somebody car got parked & a B**** got stolen. Based like Lil B's DJ "Keyboard Kid" was in the building himself.

LexScope x Richard (HOF) x Keyboard Kid

We chopped it up with a lot of people at this event, the fam over at Hall Of Fame Vintage & Music always provide the best hospitality as well as circulating positive energy throughout the building. Also we got a chance to catch a dope set from Perry Porter with a vv impromptu pop up performance from frequent Scope affiliate Seaan Brooks!!

Hall Of Fame Vintage & Music Keyboard Kid Show Recap Video:

Cousin Chris x Perry Porter

Lexscope x Noo Makes Music

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