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A.C. Duecey - Unleaded (Official Music Video)

A.C. Duecey. The homie 2cy, representing LKWD Washington, is a frequent collaborator with The Scope. We linked up a couple different times over the course of a couple different days to get all the shots we wanted and if you know anything and 2cy (or anything about anything) you already know we had to partake in some LEGAL medical stimulation before, during & after the shoot.

Check out the video below & Let us know what you think!

+Fun Fact: This is actually the 5TH video we've shot for for 2cy.

++Put together a lil playlist (for those of u with snacks an free time to watch some music videos) so y'all can see progression over the years, and nonstop productive stoner work ethic... We been learning and growing together for a while man. Love u bro!

(click photo for video playlist)

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