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G-Jon - Wow (EP)


Really proud of my brother (also setting the record straight again, G-Jon is my legitimate blood brother) for releasing his 5th official release. I’m impressed, of course my view will sound a bit biased but even still I like that he's a versatile/eclectic 19 year old artist that’s not drugged the f**k out or a wannabe anything thats actively making good music.

+ Photo Set: 3 Years Strong

Photos By Poncho, Lo, Lynae, Kay Miyagi & LexScope

The 5 track EP really does have something for everyone though.

From the relaxed melodic vibes of "Sleepyhead" to the explosive "MY WAY'VE" and everything on the spectrum in-between.

My personal favorite is "Reminisce & Ride" due to the raw emotion and how personal my mans got on that record. Its easy to rap about shit that sounds cool, but putting your real life, your actual past experiences onto that track really makes it more than just a song.


You can Stream "Wow" by clicking that crazy album cover at the top of the page or click these words. Thanks for stopping by.

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